Kellie Morga vs. Chasyn Rance

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Kellie Morga trained to be a female wrestler by getting in touch with Chasyn Rance. While Chasyn can play nice, he doesn't like to be out shined. While Kellie gets a few holds on Chasyn with such holds like a hammerlock, Chasyn finds ways to counter with leg trips, an indian deathlock, double underhook submissions, and more takedowns. Kellie uses her long legs to trap Chasyn in head scissors. Chasyn doesn't seem to fear danger as he is quick to reverse and teaching the young apprentice more advanced moves including modified a cross face chicken wing and any attempt at a reverse, just wraps Kellie up more in a crucifix and then a 3/4 nelson pin. They attempt a test of strength which surprisingly, Morga gets the upper hand at first but Chasyn is able to reserve. As Kellie uses her legs again, she makes it harder and harder for Chasyn to get a reversal on her. You can see Kellie improving in this match up. Chasyn grows tired of Kellie starting to outshine him causing him to give her a snap suplex and then tries to put her to sleep with a cobra clutch. Kellie's arm drag attempts to get out of it shows the sleeper took a toll on her. Body slams and splashes almost put away the young Women Warrior. Chasyn tries to show off more with a gogoplata and a triangle choke only to almost lose via pinfall when Kellie uses her body to pin him while still in the submissions. Chasyn tries to keep her in the middle of the ring to cause no rope breaks by but this gives Kellie some openings including a jawbreaker but Chasyn was able to secure a snug sleeper hold. Kellie attempts a sunset flip which really angers Chasyn enough to punch her and then drop a knee right on her head. Both attempt small package pins for a victory which almost beats Chasyn. This causes Chasyn to give Kellie a brain buster. Is that enough to beat Kellie? Is Kellie able to use her high flying head scissors maneuvers and beat him. Will Chasyn's camel clutch or the scorpion cross lock be the end of Kellie? Find out. Order today.

Video length 15:03

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