Kaci vs. Kellie Morga

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Kaci doesn't seem impressed with Kellie nor too excited to be here to start. But, it seems to be a ploy to really set Kellie off her already somewhat nervous looking game. Kellie Morga is young and new, while Kaci Lennox has had quite a few years of experience. The two tie up and exchange waist locks until one gets the upper hand literally. Kellie shows off some fancy reversals Kaci seems like she hasn't seem before and can't seem to keep up with the speed of the rookie. However, Kaci can out sneak Kellie and shows more aggression than then the beginner. Still, Kellie keeps trying to win with school girl pin attempts and what looked like what was going to be a grandbi roll before being leg swept by Kaci. Then, fall trap to another dastardly tactic from Ms. Lennox. Kaci uses a bunch of attacks to try to put Kellie down including moves like the camel clutch, Japanese strangle holds, and more plus plenty of taunting. Still, Kellie shows size that could possibly defeat the more experienced wrestler.a few different techniques to dizzy Kaci with snap mares and crucifix pins, Kaci may not even know which way is up and if and when to kick out.

Video length 13:37

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