Amber Nova vs. Chasyn Rance 1

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The two most experienced warriors here to start in this promotion. Amber Nova has been wrestler for just over 5 years while Chasyn Rance has more than 20 years of experience. In the past, these two have shown how competitive they are and Amber holds a couple extra wins over Chasyn. This match is 20 minutes long and never boring! Both have great bodies and show how they're world class athletes. From tight ties ups to top wrist locks into a back breaker but reversed into a head scissors, these two have a counter for everything. Amber is so strong; she's able to bridge out of a jackknife pin attempt.. However, she soon finds herself in a Gory Special. Nova is able to reverse with a Mexican arm drag but the hold did it's damage. Amber attempts some holds but was to work extra hard to get different abdominal stretch holds on Chasyn which causes him to do a little hair pulling to loosen up the Nova Girl. Chasyn is able to reverse and pin Amber with multiple attempts with a guillotine pin but eventually ends up in a rocking horse into a rear naked choke sleeper. Chasyn is able to bear hug Amber but she attempts a guillotine choke to get out of it and win.She climbs over Chasyn to sunset flip him but Chasyn sits on her and they go pin for pin until Chasyn hooks Amber in a modified Boston crab. Amber is able to fight out of it but Chasyn picks her up in a fireman's carry attempting maybe a death valley driver or an Attitude Adjustment. Amber is able to counter it with a flying head scissors but almost receives a tombstone piledriver. Amber is able to counter with a victory roll but it's not over yet. Amber stays in control with a tilt-a-whirl into a sleeper hold. After Chasyn gets to the ropes and Amber reverses her sleeper into a sunset flip, Chasyn is able to get out and go for a body slam but Amber reverses with a small package. The action picks up again but Amber soon ends up in an abdominal stretch as Chasyn slowly pulls her ribs apart. Amber is back in the air with another head scissors but she soon sees herself in a lifted Full Nelson. Amber is able to reverse with a prawn hold and an almost victory. She gets back to a guillotine choke in the air to put Chasyn out. They continue to go back and forth in this match. Hurricanrana, super kick, Stone Cold stunner, and more all happen in this match. No more spoilers because this is definitely one everyone will want to check out.

Video length 20:36

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