Amber Nova vs. Kellie Morga

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Amber Nova takes on one of the girls she's been helping from her start Kellie Morga. These are Kellie's first matches and while new, she doesn't hold match. Going for arm locks, Amber is able to counter using her high flying flips and counters to gain the advantage. With headlocks, hammerlocks, and more, Kellie is able to find a crucifix pin in there but there just makes the Nova Girl shift into overdrive. A bridging Fujiwara armbar seems to have Kellie unable to answer for a while. Kellie finds a way out but just ends up in more trouble. While Amber maintains control with different holds including a dragon sleeper, Kellie is able to find some counters with pins and some accidental hair pulling. Kellie is able to maintain some control after the unfair advantage but how long will she be able to keep down the girl as seen on WWE NXT tv down? Looks like a rear naked choke may beat Amber Nova in the end but can your really ever count her out?

Video length 13:51

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