Kiah Dream vs. Kellie Morga

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The newest Women Warriors compete to show who the better freshman wrestler is. Kellie Morga and Kiah Dream exchange tight headlocks and head scissors for a submission win or quick rolls ups to get a 3 count early on. Eventually its a test of strength over technique which the bigger Kellie appears to win at first. Kiah tries to use her smaller frame to get out of some holds but Kellie is there to reverse it before being taken down with a front facelock takedown by Kiah and a few attempted armbar submissions. After things don't go Kiah's way, she resorts to more scandelous tactics using the corner as a weapon along with smashing Kellie's face into the mat and making her taste her forearm smashes and wrestling shoes. Kellie will only put up with this for so long before she makes her comeback and gets extra vicious. Can Kiah again stop Kellie and attempt to put her to sleep? Can Kellie bodyslam or sunset flip her way to a victory? Seems like Kiah will do whatever it takes to secure the victory and just tries to make sure the referee for the contest Brian Atomic doesn't see her cheating ways.

Video length 12:14

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