Kaci vs. Kiah Dream

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Both these girls think very highly of themselves and they have a good reason to. Kaci more so wants to take a little time and make sure she's nice and stretched out. They tie up and Kaci puts on one of the tightest headlocks that brings Kiah to her knees. Kiah is able to eventually reverse the the two soon go back to the ground. Kaci uses her thick legs to head scissors Ms. Dream which looks to possible end the match early. Kaci seems to give Kiah a little break as she seems off her game. Kaci gets right back on Kiah securing take downs and arm locks but Kiah isn't down and out yet. Kiah is able to give Kaci a two Mexican arm drags but is no match for Kaci's strength. Kaci takes too much times and eats an elbow. A high flying cross body block of the ropes seems like it could be a 3-count. This really angers Kaci as she takes it to Kiah and takes it to her every which way but loose. A snap suplex and a float over pin almost beats an exhausted Kiah, Kaci then attempts flips it as she almost puts Ms. Dream to sleep. The Japanese stranglehold isn't enough to keep Kiah out of this. Kiah keeps fighting back but will it be enough to pick up the win over the experienced Kaci Lennox? A big boot, a running hip attack, and a flatliner could be the ending of this tough match up.

Video length 15:33

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